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Classically trained and actively performing
professional accompaniment.

From a young age, Anna was drawn to the piano.  She began taking lessons at age 6 on a Yamaha keyboard.  When she was 11, Anna began studying with Joan Drolet.  Under her instruction, Anna was involved in the NWSMTA annual duet festival for 7 consecutive years.  Anna remained in Joan's studio until she graduated high school in 2010. 

Anna's first formal experience accompanying was at age 12, when she played for classmates at a solo and ensemble instrumental festival.  She continued to play with peers and the choir through junior high.  

At 14, Anna was recruited to play for her high school's choir and show choir. She also performed with the choir and orchestra in London, England in 2009. In 2010, she played her first musical, Curtains.  Solo singers and instrumentalists frequently hired Anna for recitals and competitions. 

In 2010, Anna continued her education at Illinois Wesleyan University, graduating in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree.  Her teachers were Dr. Kent Cook and Eva Ferguson, the faculty mentor of her accompanying independent study. During her time at IWU, Anna played for auditions, rehearsals, and performances.  Occasionally, she acted as pianist for vocal studio classes.  


Since 2014, Anna has performed with theater companies and schools all over Illinois. She regularly plays for recitals and cabarets. 

Currently, Anna is working as an accompanist and piano teacher in the Chicagoland area. 

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